PSA developed PhilSys Check as an offline identity authentication tool in the form of a website that uses public-private key cryptography. This allows relying parties to verify the authenticity of the PSA-issued PhilID through its QR Code feature.

Offline authentication refers to the process wherein the identity of an individual is validated against the information contained in the PhilID.

To do this, PhilSys Check requires the presentation of PhilID, scanning of the QR code, and cross-checking the data stored in the QR code against the data printed on the PhilID.

Upon scanning, the embedded public key in the PhilSys Check website decrypts the digital signature embedded in the PhilID QR code and checks if it is active or revoked. This will then yield a hash of data initially generated before the printing of the QR code onto the PhilID. Thereafter, the website generates a second hash of the QR code data. If the first and second hashes match, this means that the QR code data is PSA-issued and is not tampered with. The website will then display the data from the QR code which can be used to match with the printed PhilID data.

Although this method is delivered through the web, it qualifies as offline authentication under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 11055.

PhilSys Check is accessible online via any computer or smart device with a camera and internet browser.


The following specifications are recommended for devices that will be used in scanning the PhilID QR code to ensure smooth and successful verification. Please note that using devices with lower specifications may result in unsuccessful QR code scanning and verification.

General Rule

      • Photo quality of 720p or higher
      • No visual effects and enhancements
      • Well-lit operating environment
      • Ensure all four (4) edges of the QR code are captured
      • Optimal scanning distance is 3-5 inches

Android Device

      • Back camera: 13MP, 48MP and 64MP, 1080p resolution
      • Android Version: 9 (Pie), 10 (Q), and 11 (R)
      • Browser: Google Chrome (version 98)
      • Back camera should have autofocus
      • Camera exposure adjustment feature should be disabled to avoid detection lagging issues
      • Camera must be at a stable position as any movement may affect performance
        The system will work on ANDROID DEVICE ONLY.

Laptop Camera

      • Camera: integrated, HD (2.1MP), 720p resolution
      • OS: PC: Windows 11, MacBook: MacOS High Sierra
      • Browser: Google Chrome (version 98) / Mozilla Firefox (version 97)

The following devices were tested and were able to successfully scan the PSA- issued QR code through the PhilSys Check.

  1. Asus X202E Laptop Integrated Camera
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad (L14 Gen 1) Laptop Integrated Camera
  3. Macbook Air 2017
  4. Huawei Nova 3i
  5. Oppo Reno 4
  6. Redmi Note 9
  7. Xiaomi 10T
  8. Samsung Galaxy A50

Disclaimer: This is based on test results using available devices. As long as the recommended specifications are met, the scanning of PhilID QR code should be successful.

Access PhilSys Check through