The PhilSys Number (PSN) is a unique and randomly-generated 12-digit permanent identification number that is assigned to every citizen or resident alien upon successful registration to PhilSys. The PSN is tokenized as the PhilSys Card Number or PCN on the PhilID to protect the PSN from misuse and identity fraud. Please be reminded that your PSN is highly confidential and shall not be shared aside from PSA or when allowed by law. The PCN which is the public version of PSN shall be used for physical or online transactions. PCN is an added security feature of PhilSys to protect your PSN.


The PhilID is a non-transferable card which contains a registrant’s demographic and biometric information such as full name, birth date, address, front-facing photograph, and the PhilSys Card Number or PCN.

The PSN is micro printed at the back of the PhilID which also contains the date of issuance, gender, blood type, marital status, place of birth and, a digitally-signed QR code.


The PhilSys Registry contains the PSN, registered records, record history, and registered information of all registered persons in the PhilSys. Registered records shall pertain to electronic copies of completed application forms submitted during registration and succeeding updates.