PSA enhances identity verification with PhilSys integration for civil registry document requests

Date of Release: 19 January 2024
Reference No. 2024-19

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) authenticates individuals requesting civil registry document through their registered information in the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys).

The Civil Registration Service (CRS) Central Outlet in East Avenue, Quezon City and select outlets in the National Capital Region (NCR) employ the PhilSys Authentication Services to verify the identity of the PhilID and ePhilID holders through their unique biometric information stored in the PhilSys registry. This applies to the issuance of civil registry documents such as Certificate of Live Birth, Certificate of No Marriage, and Certificate of Death, among others.

PSA Undersecretary Claire Dennis S. Mapa, PhD, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, highlights that this verification measure is a preview of how the PhilSys can enhance the convenience and security of transactions for registered persons once it is integrated in various government processes.

“With 83 million Filipinos registered and more Filipinos receiving their PhilID and ePhilID, we consistently strive to improve the transaction experience through the national ID,” said Undersecretary Mapa. “Implementing authentication and verification measures at the CRS outlets is one of the ways we are making this possible. It showcases the security features that the PhilSys provides, offering a reliable authentication for the public.”

Evangeline Belias shares that she presented her PhilID as a valid proof of identity in securing a civil registry document.

Evangeline Belias successfully obtained her brother’s Certificate of Live Birth at the CRS central outlet, showcasing the efficiency of identity verification as a PhilID holder through the PhilSys Biometric Authentication utilizing fingerprint scanning.

“Anytime na humihingi ng valid ID, [ipinapakita ko ang] PhilID ko,” she said.

Marby Penaranda presents her PhilID to process her daughter’s Certificate of Live Birth.

Similarly, Marby Peñaranda, also a PhilID holder, requested for her child’s Certificate of Live Birth and noticed how the whole process was faster now through the authentication and verification measures compared to before.

“Dati po kasi masyado matagal yung proseso. ‘Yung ngayon po mas mabilis na po dahil po sa PhilID,” she shared.

In 2023, the PSA initiated the pilot testing of biometric authentication through PhilSys at the CRS central outlet within the PSA Complex in Quezon City. This involved scanning fingerprints using biometric authentication devices for real-time matching with information in the PhilSys registry, enhancing the identity verification process for PhilID and ePhilID holders.

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