PSA starts printed ePhilID implementation

Date of Release: 21 October 2022

Reference No. 2022-413

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has begun its implementation of the printed ePhilID, the digital version of the PhilID which is printed on a piece of paper. As one of the proactive strategies of the PSA, the printed ePhilID is part of the 50 million target PhilIDs set to be issued by the end of the year.

The PSA assures that every person registered in the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) is allocated a physical PhilID card, which they will still receive even if they claim their printed ePhilID.

With the printed ePhilID, registered persons can immediately utilize the benefits of PhilSys, such as faster and seamless transactions in accessing financial and social protection services requiring proof of identity, subject to authentication.

The printed ePhilID is the digital version of the PhilID which is printed on a piece of paper.

PSA Undersecretary Dennis S. Mapa, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, described the claiming process to be fast and hassle-free.

“The printed ePhilIDs will be issued in PhilSys registration centers nationwide. We hope to replicate the results as we accelerate the rollout to more locations in the country and ensure a seamless process for every registered person in claiming their printed ePhilD”, Undersecretary Mapa said.

PSA Undersecretary Dennis S. Mapa participates in the pilot implementation of the printed ePhilID in Quezon City.

The pilot implementation was conducted among select registered persons in the National Capital Region, Bulacan, and Pampanga in September and October in preparation for the rollout.

As of 20 October 2022, 385,657 printed ePhilIDs were already claimed. The PSA has also pre-generated 1,992,289 printed ePhilIDs in preparation for the expansion of the printed ePhilID rollout.

The PSA underscores that the printed ePhilID is open for registered persons issued with PhilSys Numbers (PSN). Similar to the physical PhilID card, claiming a printed ePhilID is free of charge.

Registered persons may visit the online appointment system at to check if they are already issued with their PSN and set an appointment for the claiming of their printed ePhilID. The site requires the transaction number (TRN) found in the transaction slip given during Step 2 Registration.

The printed ePhilID features the registered person’s demographic information, front-facing photograph, PhilSys Card Number (PCN), printed ePhilID generation date, and digital signature in the QR code.

The printed ePhilID bears the same information as the physical PhilID card, containing the registered person’s demographic data, front-facing photograph, PhilSys Card Number (PCN), generation date, and QR code.

On security, the QR code found in the printed ePhilID will be scanned via PhilSys Check ( for authentication and is embedded with the registrant’s photo as an additional security feature to verify the ID’s authenticity.

Designed to have the same functionality and validity as the physical PhilID card, the PSA recently issued a public advisory to ensure that the printed ePhilID and other formats of the digital PhilID shall be recognized in all transactions needing proof of identity and age, subject to authentication.

Moreover, in support of this initiative, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issued a memorandum to all its supervised financial institutions for the use and acceptance of the printed ePhilID and other formats of the digital PhilID.

Rest assured that the PSA continues its coordination and partnerships with government agencies and private institutions to guarantee the printed ePhilID’s acceptance.

Filipinos have always been excited about the PhilSys. We are confident that the public would have the same level of enthusiasm as we advance the use of the digital PhilID through the printed ePhilID, especially since PhilSys, at its core, is a digital ID system,” Undersecretary Mapa said.

For queries or comments, you may reach the PhilSys Registry Office via or hotline number 1388 (fees may apply).

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