Reference No. 22-PRO-FGD-12-573


19 December 2022

This is to inform the public of the different modes of physical distribution of the ePhilID implemented by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

For efficient claiming at registration centers, the PSA has taken initiative to pre-generate the ePhilID of registered persons whose PhilSys Number (PSN) are already available and adopted modes of distribution to ensure that pre-generated ePhilIDs are received by and/or delivered to registered persons.

The pre-generation of ePhilIDs further allows registered persons who do not have internet access for appointment booking and those who lost their Transaction Reference Numbers (TRNs) found in the transaction slip to obtain their ePhilID.

In line with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, only PhilSys personnel shall handle the ePhilIDs and lead the delivery to registered persons through the following modes:

Mode of Distribution


1. Plaza-type

The PSA shall set up a designated claiming area in the barangay or area for registered persons to claim their ePhilID.

PhilSys Focal Persons (FPs), Information System Analysts (ISAs), and Registration Kits Officers (RKOs) are authorized personnel for the printing and distribution of ePhilIDs to registered persons.

Unclaimed ePhilIDs in plaza-type distribution will be delivered through house-to-house distribution.

2. House-to-House

FPs, ISAs, and RKOs shall deliver ePhilIDs that were unclaimed during the plaza-type delivery. The ePhilIDs shall be delivered to the address provided by registered persons during Step 2 registration.

Undelivered ePhilIDs under this mode shall be disposed of after 30 working days upon receipt of the PSA Field Office.

Registered persons already issued with a PhilSys Number (PSN) may still claim their ePhilID by logging in at the ePhilID Appointment System at to set an appointment to claim their ePhilID at PhilSys registration centers.

The ePhilID can be authenticated by scanning the QR Code via the PhilSys Check ( If the ePhilID is authentic, the PhilSys Check will display a successful verification message and the registered person’s demographic information (i.e., last name, given name, middle name, and suffix if available, sex, and date and place of birth), and front-facing photo.

A public advisory on the ePhilID and how it can be downloaded on mobile devices will be issued separately after its pilot implementation.

For questions and more information on the distribution of the ePhilID, the public may reach the PSA at the following channels:

Hotline: 1388 (fees may apply)

National Statistician and Civil Registrar General


Public Advisory – Alternative Modes of ePhilID Distribution