09 OCTOBER 2023

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reminds the public to be cautious and prudent in handling their PhilID or ePhilID, and personal information. We encourage everyone to secure your PhilID or ePhilID, and personal information. Refrain from posting images or sharing personal information, including PhilID details, on social media platforms or any other public forums. Sharing your personal information could compromise your privacy and may expose you to various risks, including identity theft and fraud.

Further, please be vigilant when approached by individuals claiming to be authorized by the PSA, asking for your PhilID or ePhilID, or your personal information. Verify their credentials and ensure they have proper authorization before providing any data. To report any unauthorized activity or suspicious requests related to PhilID or ePhilID, or personal information, contact PSA through

Your cooperation in safeguarding your PhilID and personal information is crucial in maintaining a secure and trusted Philippine Identification System.


National Statistician and Civil Registrar General