Reference No. 23-UCDMS04-11-01

Public Advisory

04 December 2023

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) would like to inform the public, government, and private institutions of the updated verification results of the PhilSys ✓ (read as PhilSys Check), effective 01 December 2023.

The following are the updated PhilSys ✓ verification results:

1. “PhilID or ePhilID has been Verified”.

Figure 1. Pop-up message of PhilID’s and ePhilID’s successful verification

Figure 1 shows the message displayed if the PhilID or ePhilID’s QR Code contains a valid digital signature, as well as if the card is active.

Please note that with these results the following should be considered:

The information displayed in the verification result should match the details printed on the PhilID or ePhilID. If matched, the document is valid and should be accepted for transaction.

For ePhilID users, the photo embedded in the QR Code should match the printed photo at the front of the ePhilID.

2. “Deactivated Card”.

Figure 2. Verification result when PhilID’s/ePhilID’s QR code is deactivated on the web browser

Figure 2 shows the message that will be displayed if the PhilID or ePhilID is not active, along with the instructions for the relying party and the cardholder.

3. “QR Code could not be read”.

Figure 3. Verification result when PhilID’s/ePhilID’s QR Code could not be read on web browser

Figure 3 shows the message displayed if the QR Code is damaged, tampered with, or not from PhilID or ePhilID. Said possible reasons and related instructions will also appear in the verification result.

With this result, the relying parties are requested to advise the owner/cardholder to officially report the case to PSA-PhilSys Registry Office (PRO) via hotline number 1388 or e-mail at

4. “Please connect to the internet to verify the authenticity of PhilID/ePhilID”. This message will be displayed when the website is used without an internet connection.

Figure 4. Verification result where internet connection was lost

when scanning PhilID/ePhilID on web browser

Additionally, the relying parties are reminded that connectivity to the internet is necessary in using PhilSys ✓. This will ensure that fake and deactivated PhilIDs and ePhilIDs will be detected.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) at or its Official Facebook page at


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National Statistician and Civil Registrar General