11 March 2024


The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) cautions the public regarding social media posts claiming that registering to the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), or having a PhilID or ePhilID grants cash assistance.

Screenshot of social media posts on cash grants for PhilSys-registered individuals with PhilID or ePhilID

The PSA wishes to clarify that being registered to PhilSys and/or having the national ID does not automatically make an individual eligible to receive any cash benefits from the government such as social protection programs.

While the PhilID or ePhilID is presented as valid proof of identity in various transactions, including applying for benefits from the government, such benefits are granted based on the rules and regulations of the concerned agency.

The PSA reminds the public to remain vigilant about misleading information on PhilSys in social media and to avoid clicking suspicious links and providing personal information in exchange for cash.

For any information regarding individuals or groups involved in such activities, we encourage the public to report to the the official channels of PhilSys: (1) PhilSys hotline 1388; (2) email at; and (3) Facebook at



National Statistician and Civil Registrar General