PSA pushes more improvements for the PhilSys Online Step 1 Registration

Date of Release: 05 May 2021
Reference No. 2021-184

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) continues to make improvements to the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) online Step 1 Registration website for a smoother and more convenient registration experience for Filipinos.

The PSA reports upgrading servers to increase user capacity and enhance site performance. Further, the PSA is also developing user- management and user-testing strategies to accommodate heavier traffic of registrants accessing the site.

Despite the initial technical errors encountered during the pilot launch, a total of 51,640 registrants have already completed the registration via the online Step 1 Registration website from 30 April to 04 May 2021.

Meanwhile, on the assisted Step 1 Registration or house-to-house collection of demographic data and appointment setting for the next registration step, more than 33.4 million Filipinos were already registered as of 30 April 2021.

Step 2 Registration, which involves the capture of a registrant’s biometric data such as their iris scans, fingerprint scans, and front-facing photograph, began in January 2021 and currently has 837 registration centers in operation. About 6.4 million Filipinos have completed this step as of 30 April 2021, including Vice President Leni Robredo who underwent the capture of her biometric information on 03 May 2021 in the municipality of Magarao, Camarines Sur.

Step 3 Registration, the final step of PhilSys, will involve the issuance of the PhilSys Number (PSN) and the Philippine Identification (PhilID) card. The PSN is a randomly generated number that will serve as a permanent identification number for every registrant. The first batch of PhilID cards and PSNs were sent off for delivery via PHLPost on 01 May 2021. Through this, PhilSys will provide a formal identification to Filipinos that will ease the delivery of services and make public and private transactions seamless, safe, and efficient. PhilSys aims to increase the public’s access to financial, social protection, health, education, and other government services.

For the latest information on PhilSys, visit the official PhilSys website ( or Facebook page ( You may also reach the PhilSys Registry Office via hotline number 1388 or e-mail at

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