PSA unveils PhilSys Check, a PhilID verification system

April 22, 2022 0 Comments

Reference No. 2022-171

As part of the implementation of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) project, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) officially launched the PhilSys Check, an authentication system for the Philippine Identification (PhilID) card through its QR code feature on 08 April 2022.

PhilSys Check is a website that uses public-private key cryptography. This enables relying parties to verify the authenticity of a PhilID card and the data stored in its QR code.

“As the PSA continues to strive for innovation, we developed a system that will enable the PhilID basic authentication to be more accessible to our relying parties and the general public,” said Officer-in-Charge Assistant National Statistician Fred Sollesta of the Policy Coordination and Monitoring Service, Philippine Registry Office. “It is key in promoting greater financial inclusion and unlocking access to basic social services of the government for many Filipinos.”

PhilSys Check is part of PhilSys project’s goal to enable a broader transition to digital, online citizen-centric service delivery by the government and the private sector.

Thirteen banks were able to utilize the system in their branches nationwide during a pilot test.

The launch showcased a live demonstration of PhilSys Check and testimonials from pilot banks. The authentication system is currently accessible through android devices and laptops with internet connection.

Assistant Secretary Rosalinda P. Bautista, Deputy National Statistician of the PhilSys Registry Office, called on PhilSys relying parties to utilize PhilSys Check and continue their support for the implementation of PhilSys and its other services.

“It is our absolute desire that this milestone for PhilSys will be ardently received and supported by the general public,” said Assistant Secretary Bautista. “To our relying parties, your active engagement and unwavering support motivate us to keep working hard to fulfill our mandates and deliver the services well-deserved by our constituents.”

The use of PhilSys Check is free. It is available to the public and all PhilSys relying parties through the website

PSA is continuously working with relying parties to explore potential use cases.

Meanwhile, another digital initiative of PhilSys is currently in the works— the soon-to-be-launched PhilSys mobile application which contains the digital ID. Aimed to boost the use of PhilSys, the alternative version of the ID can be utilized ahead of the physical PhilID card.

For the latest on PhilSys, visit the official PhilSys website ( or Facebook page ( You may also reach the PhilSys Registry Office via hotline number 1388 or e-mail at For the online Step 1 registration, kindly go to

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