Support pours in for PhilSys pilot online Step 1 registration despite technical issues

Date of Release: 08 May 2021
Reference No. 2021-189

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) online Step 1 Registration was well received by the public, with many expressing support for the program, despite technical issues during its pilot launch last 30 April 2021.

On the official PhilSys Facebook page, registrants frequently comment on the ease of the registration process. Common inquiries also include queries regarding the registration procedure and modification of data entered.

Jenner Ladores, a registrant, wrote in a comment: “Kudos PhilSys Team! May glitch and other issues sa simula but the goal is really nice. Hopefully maging ok na soon. Progress is never perfect and easy. Laban lang!”

Another comment, from registrant Joni Krabbe-Cañete, said: “This is expected hindi lang naman [1,000 registrants] ang maglolog in or gagamit ng site. Magandang stress test ‘to sa system para maayos yung lapses and gaps.”

Registrant Ogie Camat commended PSA for the milestone: “It’s a good kind of problem. That means it has drawn public interest. Nevertheless, it is a milestone.”

PSA continues to make improvements to the PhilSys website to make the experience more convenient and accommodate more registrants. PSA appreciates the public’s interest in the PhilSys, and requests for more patience and understanding from Filipinos as the agency continuously improves the website.

Step 1 registration will be followed by Step 2 registration, which involves the capture of a registrant’s biometric data such as their iris scans, fingerprint scans, and front-facing photograph at registration centers. The last step to PhilSys registration will involve the issuance of the PhilSys Number (PSN), and the physical ID or the PhilID. The PSN is a randomly generated number that will serve as a permanent identification number for every registrant.

PhilSys aims to provide a formal identification to Filipinos to ease the delivery of services and make public and private transactions seamless, safe, and efficient. PhilSys will also ease the public’s access to financial, social protection, health, education, and other government services.

For the latest information on PhilSys, visit the official PhilSys website ( or Facebook page ( You may also reach the PhilSys Registry Office via hotline number 1388 or e-mail at

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